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Residents Opted for Natural Parkland

The concept of possible revitalization of the “Areál Interlovu” site was presented in two versions. The main difference between them lies in the arrangement and the use of landscaping features. The first version aims at creating a natural park, which – being a smooth continuation of the Kunratický Forest – extensively employs the existing green vegetation, which forms a complex of groves, grassland and meadows. The other version involves the creation of an urban park, and it is envisaged that a system of avenues and lawns will be added to the existing environment. Both the versions contain identical proposals for leisure activities, which were also put to the vote.
“First of all, I would like to thank all the residents who have participated in the poll and voted, along with sending us their comments and proposals,” says Martin Unger, Member of the Board, PASSERINVEST GROUP and adds: “What received a highly positive response was usage of water on the ground for natural lakes and natural swimming pools. Over 50 % of residents would like to see a natural children’s playground, a flowery meadow or a relaxation meadow. By contrast, people are not very interested in a rope centre or a multipurpose sports ground. From the comments, sent us by the residents, we have found out, among other things, that they would appreciate inline skating facilities in the park or a new cycle path, which would be a continuation of the existing network in the immediate vicinity. Naturally, we have also included both the requirements in the final draft.”
PASSERINVEST GROUP will continue working on the results of the poll, along with developing them within the framework of the next design stages.
With regard to the further development of its intention, PASSERINVEST GROUP will keep the public informed on the aforementioned Web pages.