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The construction of the Community Centre is funded by the Maranatha civic association. A building permit is in place and opening construction work is underway. The building will be characterised by long plain contours lighted by glazed vistas and will have two above ground floors spread over an area of 2,200 square metres. Apart from the kindergarten, the premises will serve the needs of The Seventh Day Adventists Church. Situated in the eastern wing of the building, their centre will be comprised of a hall (two storeys in height) and clubrooms complete with technical and social facilities. There is a glazed atrium to link this part with the western wing where the concierge and clergyman find their retreat. 

The western wing will also host two classrooms, a dining room and social amenities for the Elijáš kindergarten. Its integral part, a garden, is designed at the eastern entrance to the building. This kindergarten is exceptional due to its programme which blends entertainment with education in the vein of Christian values. 

The Elijáš kindergarten will provide education to about 40 children aged three to six. The kindergarten will be run by the Czech Union of SDAC, with the beginning of its operations scheduled for 1 September 2009. 

The Community Centre has been designed by Aulík Fišer architekti (architectural studio); the general contractor is PSJ, a.s. 

Radim Passer, Member of the Board, PASSERINVEST GROUP, says in his comment on the construction: “I am grateful to the Lord that it is the Community Centre that will be added to BB Centrum because, even in this hectic time, people will have an opportunity to stop for a while and spend some time in contemplation of the values which extend beyond ourselves. And this is what the Community Centre will make possible.”