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The BB Centrum office park, spread over the area on both sides of Vyskočilova Street, has been further extended. Following a string of new buildings, there is a new footbridge erected for added comfort of the BB Centrum tenants as well as local people. Instead of going to the traffic lights, they can now cross Vyskočilova Street over this footbridge, cutting their way to the bus stop or to the shopping arcade and the wellness/fitness club in Building Brumlovka.

The footbridge was under construction from April to August 2007, i.e. for four months. Needless to say the time necessary for the preparation of the project was significantly longer. The companies behind the new development are Aulík Fišer Architekti (formerly known as Studio A) as an architect, Albet Metal as a general contractor and Mauring as a supervisor.

The footbridge was incorporated into the project during the construction of the surrounding buildings of BB Centrum. “However, we had been planning to build it since the very beginning. The footbridge was designed later as we had been waiting for a building permit to be issued and a contractor to be chosen,” explains Jaroslav Spozdil, Director, Project Planning Department, Passerinvest Group. The footbridge was constructed at a cost of approximately CZK 15 million.

With its combination of a steel structure and natural materials, the footbridge reflects modern trends in the building industry. “The footbridge over Vyskočilova Street is notable for its floor made of African timber. The grey steel is in a delicious colour combination with the light brown natural components. The steel structure is lined with expanded metal or metal lathing,” adds Jaroslav Spozdil.

The footbridge is not only practical, but it also serves information and advertising purposes. It has a prominent digital clock where time, temperature and date figures change at fixed intervals of several seconds.