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The office Building Gamma is the largest of all the BB Centrum buildings that have been developed so far. It is located on the site of BB Centrum South, behind Beta and Brumlovka sports and shopping centre, which is currently under construction. Forming the southern corner of BB Centrum, Gamma is adjacent to the Trunk Road (5. května), which guarantees excellent visibility. There is a pedestrian precinct with large green areas between the building and Vyskočilova Street running across the BB Centrum complex.

Gamma is the largest of all the buildings that have been completed in BB Centrum South so far. Its size explains the certain degree of complexity of the shape and space division which have been designed to maintain harmony with the adjacent environment and a pleasant atmosphere for its users. Accordingly, 16 various types of façade have been designed. The complex shape of the building creates an unprecedented impression from each of the sides. “With the office building of this standard, it is no problem to provide the interior of offices with absolute protection due to modern cladding, but Gamma also takes into account its surrounding, dealing with possible noise reverberation,” says Jan Aulík, Studio A. “As for the façades facing 5. května Street, the task was to reduce the noise reverberation to the residential buildings on the opposite side of the street. As a result, noise reducing façades, as well as very individual and interesting architectural forms with curved features divided into particular sections have been designed in collaboration with acoustics experts,” adds Architect Jan Aulík.

The location of Gamma in the immediate proximity to 5. května Street influenced the basic plan of the building with respect to creating the systems of exterior and interior spaces with various degrees of noise protection. The large lobby offers green areas, along with opportunities to sit near a fountain in absolute silence as if there were no noise from 5. května Street. Incidentally, green vegetation plays an important role in the concept of the whole building. In addition to the mentioned lobby, green areas have been designed for relaxation of employees on the roof of the lower of the two buildings. The garden on the roof also offers a spectacular view of Prague.

The all-glass atrium is dominated by panoramic lifts, conference rooms protruding onto two levels of the atrium and slim footbridges linking both the wings of the building. The entrance lobby incorporates areas for rest with real trees, the entrance to the catering facilities and an espresso café. Natural materials, such as stone for flooring and timber for various lining, have been applied in the indoor atrium to strike a balance between large glazed areas and warm materials.

The building has 10 above ground storeys and three basements. Like the other office buildings of the opposite BB Centrum, Gamma has been designed to the standards of modern office premises with adequate lighting, artificial ventilation and interior cooling. The primary function of the building is an office; however, the ground floor houses a French restaurant, a café and small retail spaces in addition to the entrance areas.

STUDIO A, s. r. o., Jan Aulík, Master of Architecture
Jan Aulík, Master of Architecture, has designed most of the BB Centrum buildings, namely buildings B, C, Office Park, Residence, Alpha, Beta and the newly completed Gamma, as well as buildings E and Brumlovka, which are under construction. His architectural “Studio A” has been collaborating with Passerinvest Group on a long term basis, since they won the first urban competition for the BB Centrum scheme in 1993.

STUDIO A is an architectural office involved in the wide spectrum of design activities in the fields of urbanism, construction of various types of buildings (for office and residential purposes in particular), reconstruction and interior design. Since established in 1990, they have been undertaking design activities from the site preparation to co-operation in construction works, playing a role as chief designer responsible for all project work and engineering. Born in 1958, Jan Aulík, Master of Architecture, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, the Czech Institute of Science and Technology, and has been a registered architect with the Czech Chamber of Architects since 1993.