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Passerinvest Group, developer of the famous BB Centrum office park, has announced a facility manager of Building BETA scheduled for completion in spring 2005. The winner is OKIN FACILITY, who has been already involved in facility management of the buildings in the north of BB Centrum. They were chosen from seven bidders as they had offered the best price and had been co-operating with the developer to his complete satisfaction. The new facility manager will take on their responsibilities at the beginning of this year, participating in completion of the scheme, tests of all the equipment, and training of the staff.

OKIN FACILITY is a modern multi-national company specialised in facility management. They launched their operations on the Czech market in 1993, and have been working at BB Centrum since 1998. “We strive to enhance the quality of our services in pursuit of excellence in order to remain competitive. And the BETA is a reward for our efforts,” says Michal Jelínek, Managing Director of OKIN.