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There have been many changes on the Czech real estate market since 1998 when Building C, BB Centrum, was built (incidentally, it was the first modern office building to be developed outside the city centre in Prague). As the new office buildings grow in number every year, the success of a developer depends not only on the terms of leasehold, traffic access, range of services and prestige of the address, but also on the marketing strategy all the time. In addition, the seat of a multi-national company is usually being chosen abroad. In the circumstances, it is a clearly formulated and properly aimed strategy that forms an essential part of the decision making process. This is why Passerinvest Group, in co-operation with Kugel agency, London, have cited some reasons why BB Centrum is the proper address offered on both the European and the Czech commercial property market. The new marketing strategy is being unveiled when Building ALPHA is being completed as the first building within BB Centrum South developed on the other side of Vyskočilova Street. The BETA is under construction these days, and the GAMMA is due for beginning no later than this year. In addition, the whole Brumlovka complex is to be totally reconstructed to provide a unique wellness centre. The “BB Centrum symbol” should be promoted by the city-wide navigation system, which is under preparation in Prague.

“A good address is due to good names, and I am happy to be a part of BB Centrum,” says Carolyn A. Cook, CEO, 3M. “To be seated just at the main motorway junction in the Czech Republic and at the same time within four-minutes from the centre of Prague is not only at an advantage: it is a must,” says Pavel Kalášek, CEO, Hewlett-Packard. Incidentally, these two prestigious companies were the first to lease the premises in BB Centrum a few years ago. Some further big names followed such as Eurotel, T-Mobile, GE Capital Bank, Microsoft, Czech Puma Dassler and others. Each of the buildings that have been completed is occupied and leased out on a long-term basis these days; BB Centrum has developed into an office park with a progressive urban concept and excellent prospects for a further growth in the years to come. It is satisfaction and an intriguing mix of tenants that will give the new marketing study enormous strength.

Zbyněk Passer, Marketing Manager, Passerinvest Group, says: “The new marketing tools communicate visions, feelings and expectations connected with BB Centrum through personal opinion given by the very important people that lead the companies headquartered here these days. What stands out the materials is their colours, together with styles, while the wording is rather in brief. “

“In co-operation with Kugel, specialised in marketing campaigns for promotion of development projects, we have devised a strategy divided into three stages, setting up a system and adopting methods for presentation of the project on a three-year basis. The particular tools of the campaign complement one another perfectly, keeping up a newly defined corporate image. The first marketing materials were available to the visitors to MIPIM property market held in Cannes this March,” says Zbyněk Passer.