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“CLEAN AIR” TODAY? In Brumlovka 24/7, or further investments into a quality working environment

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as “Passerinvest”) is behind the development of Brumlovka in Prague 4. For almost 25 years, it has been building, developing and managing this place, which has been gradually transformed into a distinctive modern urban district. Passerinvest manages 11 buildings here (office and multifunctional), which provide the local users a premium working environment, a pleasant public space, green inner courtyards and rooftop terraces for work activities and leisure. Ionisation units were newly installed in nine buildings. This will provide employees and users with even higher air quality to achieve increased protection against the transmission of viruses.

People working in offices often spend more than 8 hours or even 10 hours a day at work. Among other things, the omnipresent electronic devices affect indoor air quality, as they cause a loss of negatively-charged ions. Air saturated with positive ions causes fatigue and a feeling of “stuffy” air, while in sensitive individuals it can also lead to headaches, anxiety, problems with sleep and an overall weakening of the immune system.

Ionisation** enriches the air with negative ions, eliminating concentrations of viruses, bacteria, impurities and odours, thanks to which the indoor environment corresponds with air quality values in coastal and mountain areas. Ionisation significantly improves the quality and comfort of the working environment and thus brings positive effects on the human organism – it facilitates breathing, improves performance, concentration and thus general mental and physical well-being.

“The impulse for this additional change to the benefit of the interior environment of the buildings was the builder Radim Passer himself, who has long been a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, as well as of an active approach to construction with regard to the long-term sustainability and user-friendliness of buildings and public spaces. Even though our buildings are known for their above-standard approach to ensuring sufficient air quality, in response to the pandemic situation Mr Passer gave our Property Management a clear task to ensure the highest possible level of protection and comfort with regard to the new experiences from the pandemic. The result is the installation of ionisation units, their testing and the actual launch in 9 buildings in a few months. Beyond the assignment to increase the protection of the building users, a solution was selected fulfilling the requirement to further improve the user comfort when they are in the offices and common areas, namely to the level of the air quality in coastal or mountain areas. After the installation of the ionisers, the buildings were inspected and measured by the State Health Institute. It confirmed the excellent results, or gave a suggestion to adjust the air distribution in the individual premises to maximize the effect of the installed units. In addition to first-class office space, excellent transport accessibility, above-standard parking, excellent civic amenities, green parks and sports facilities, our buildings now provide a little healthier and more pleasant working/user environment,” explained Eduard Forejt, Development Director, Passerinvest Group, a.s.  

*Passerinvest’s ionised buildings in Brumlovka with the installation of ionisers completed: Budova A, Budova B, Budova D, Budova G, Filadelfie, Delta, Beta, Alpha, Budova Brumlovka.

** What is ionisation? Ionisation works on the principle of using electrical voltage to charge molecules or atoms of air (both negative and positive). The charged particles then bind dirt and pollutants (such as dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses) to themselves, which are then sedimented or removed by the ventilation system and trapped by air filters. The Czech Republic does not have a standard for the concentration of ions in the interior atmosphere, it is based on the state in pure nature and such a concentration is considered ideal.