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Bees - the new inhabitants of Brumlovka

Brumlovka has welcomed brand new tenants, and this time they are bees and two new hives


For almost 25 years, Passerinvest Group has been developing Brumlovka in Prague 4, during which time it has become a distinctive Prague neighbourhood. Greenery, parks, relaxing corners with water, playgrounds and sports grounds, natural surfaces on roads and pavements and generous rooftop gardens are an integral part of Brumlovka. They are not only places where people can spend time outdoors, but also places where many animal species have found their “home”, and these now include bees.

The placement of beehives in the localities where we operate is not only in harmony with our social responsibility, but also with the environmental area, where one of our goals is to support biodiversity. Then we will be glad to donate the resulting product, honey, to the local association of senior citizens, Letokruh, where they can use it for traditional baking for the local community,” stated Lenka Preslová, the Sales Director and Specialist in ESG Strategies for Passerinvest Group. 

Brumlovka has welcomed brand new tenants, and this time they are bees and two new hives

“For quite some time we have been consulting with experts on the placement of beehives on the roofs of our buildings. They only support them in the city where there is enough food for the bees. Since Brumlovka and the surrounding area have an abundance of parks and gardens, and the Krč Forest is also in the bees’ perimeter, we decided to place two hives on the technical section of the terrace of our Delta office building. After a year, we will evaluate the project and then decide on their permanent placement or even expansion. The safety of the tenants and the bees themselves is ensured by a sufficient distance from the residential terraces, and if necessary, the beekeeper will immediately intervene,” explained Martin Unger, the Technical Director of Passerinvest Group.

How are new residents doing?

Anyone who is interested can see what is going on in front of the beehives and even in one of the beehives through online streaming on the links below.  

What's happening in front of the hive:

Life inside the hive:

The investor of this project is Passerinvest Group, the full service and operation is provided by Softech, headed by RNDr. Pavel Mach. The care of the bees is provided by experts from