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The very first episode of the mini-series Green roofs - living roofs brings us to Brumlovka

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The Svaz zakládání a údržby zeleně (czech landscape association) chose the location of Brumlovka for its pilot episode of the mini-series ´Green Roofs – Living Roofs´ project.  The association presents Brumlovka as an example of Prague's district where greenery is cultivated not only on the ground but also on the roof terraces.

"Greenery on rooftops fulfills several other functions in addition to aesthetics, such as the possibility of using rainwater or the elimination of heat islands," says Martin Unger, Technical Director of the Passerinvest Group which develops the Brumlovka location.

"The vegetation on the roofs humidifies the air and can also catch torrential rains. Green roofs are also an important place for life, not only for people but also for a whole range of animals," says Jana Šimečková, director of the association.

The approach of the Passerinvest Group can thus serve as an inspiration for other cities and municipalities as well as for designers or investors of other private projects.

Autor:Svaz zakládání a údržby zeleně (czech landscape association)