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The aroma of baked goods from Zrno Zrnko will waft through Prague’s Brumlovka

In October, Brumlovka will welcome a new retail tenant in Prague 4, the Zrno Zrnko bakery. The new shop will be going up in a space of 80 m2 on the corner of Building B with its entrance directly from Ellen G. Whiteové Square. The owner and manager of Building B is the PASSERINVEST Concern.

Zrno Zrnko is a craft bakery that uses only the highest quality ingredients and bakes traditionally, conscientiously and in accordance with modern nutritional trends. Customers here will be offered yeast bread and rolls or baguettes made of proofed dough, which are crispy on the surface and supple inside. “You can smell the butter, quark, fruit and jam of our Czech and Moravian cakes, as well as the other sweet pastries. The Brumlovka location is very convenient for us, because our bakery is located nearby in Nusle. Plus, a large number of people work in various companies in the area, and we would like to please them, just like the locals from the surrounding area, with our craft,” stated Ondřej Kuchař, the company's Executive Director. 

The demand for craft products made from high quality ingredients has been growing significantly in recent years and the same goes for our neighbourhood. That’s why we are therefore very pleased to welcome a service that will satisfy the discerning palates of the most demanding epicures. Zrno Zrnko will also offer its customers a selection of coffee, which will make their morning trip to the office more pleasant, and they will be able to enjoy it together with excellent pastries in the outdoor garden in the summer months. This will liven up Náměstí Ellen G. Whiteová, a sunny location overlooking the water fountain and David Černý’s moving installation called Brouk (Beetle),” added Lenka Preslová, the Head of the Sales Department of Passerinvest Group.     

Thanks to last year’s comprehensive reconstruction, Building B is a category A office building. All the technologies ensuring a functional and comfortable working environment were modernised, while the closest surroundings also underwent a transformation. The building now also has a beautiful atrium equipped with benches, a water feature and greenery. Now the last 1500 m2 of free office space remains available to interested parties. The last two retail units remain to be leased in Building B, one with an area of 92 m2 situated on Vyskočilova Street and another with an area of 240 m2 with an entrance from Želetavská Street.