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BB Centrum expands offer of restaurants to include modern Vietnamese cuisine

Dian Restaurant

BB Centrum expands offer of restaurants to include modern Vietnamese cuisine

Today, the new Dian restaurant is opening in the Beta building (owned by Passerinvest Group) on The Brumlovka Square, offering Vietnamese specialities. Thus, the offer of gastronomic experiences in this locality will grow to include new and unique Asian tastes. The restaurant owners, the brothers Khahn and Giang Ta, already have several significant achievements in gastronomy under their belts.

Dian Restaurant is the latest addition to the Taro Group family. Their first restaurant, Gao Den in Prague - Stodulky, quickly earned an excellent reputation, including placement in Mauer’s selection. The second restaurant, Taro, which the brothers built in Smíchov, was recognised as discovery of the year in the 2018 TOP Restaurant awards. Dian Restaurant is their third joint venture. “We chose BB Centrum as the ideal place for our new business because we spent a considerable amount of our youth in Prague 4 and we feel a closeness to it. Plus, we were intrigued by the local modern facilities and the owner’s accommodating position with respect to our concept of gastronomy,” explained the General Manager of the operations.

 The new Dian Restaurant offers its guests Vietnamese food with a modern twist, cooked from the best ingredients. This is currently only served in the garden, due to the valid government measures. After the restaurant interior will be opened to the public, the open kitchen, where the visitors can see their meals being prepared right before their eyes, will be an attractive bonus. “Food plays an important social role in Vietnam. It is a time to come together and to share.We serve the individual courses in the middle of the table for all to enjoy. We would like to bring this concept to life in our new restaurant, especially at dinner time. We want our new restaurant to become a pleasant place for family and friends to meet and where our guests will be happy to return,” added chef Khahn Ta.