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The crystal award for the 2020 Building of the Year award is heading to the Sedlčany Social Centre

The crystal award for the 2020 Building of the Year award is heading to the Sedlčany Social Centre

The Sedlčany Social Centre won the prestigious 2020 Building of the Year award together with 7 other winners in the 28th annual awards ceremony. The Building of the Year is one of the most important events of the year in the area of construction and architecture. Thus, the Social Centre with a chapel, an investment of the Christian-oriented organisation Maranatha, a non-profit activity by Radim Passer, took home the crystal award in the shape of a stamp. The author of the Social Centre’s and chapel’s design was the architecture agency A8000 s.r.o., the general contractor of the construction was HSF System a.s.


The centre was built primarily for spiritual, cultural, educative and other social events. The entire Sedlčany centre, under the direction of the Christian-oriented Maranatha organisation and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is used both for spiritual development and for family leisure activities. “We are immensely honoured that this quiet oasis in the centre of town serves the purpose we intended for it. Families with children have come to like the centre not only for its unique design and ambition, but many visit various social activities here and gather for religious services,” stated Radim Passer, the founder of Maranatha, when accepting the award.


“We are immensely pleased with the award; it is motivation for other projects for us! I am grateful that we were able to participate in such a remarkable and interesting project, which was not only a challenge in terms of the design, but also the theme. But it is important to mention that the implementation of such a remarkable work would never have succeeded without the client’s trust, stated Martin Krupauer, a co-author of the project and the founder of A8000.


“We see this prestigious title as appreciation of a wonderfully in-tune team of people on the part of the investor, designer and suppliers. We are mainly glad that the structure fulfils its purpose perfectly, fits in with the surrounding buildings and has thus become a natural part of the town,” explained Jan Hasík, the Director of HSF System, which was the general contractor of the project.