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Passerinvest Group is helping where it is needed all summer long

PASSERINVEST GROUP is helping where it is needed all summer long

Improve the gardens of a senior citizen’s home, a company collection for the Salvation Army, cleaning up the vicinity of the Krč Forest: these are the activities of the employees of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. this summer. One of the business principles of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. is social responsibility, whether through the support of volunteer organisations, education and enlightenment activities or environmental protection. Thus, the summer months in PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. were in the spirit of voluntary activities and its employees helped out where it was truly needed.


The concept of responsible action in social and environmental issues is a long-term strategy and part of the daily activities of PASSERINVEST GROUP. “We participate in many social projects and support several foundations.  We try to support and maintain our internal and external relationships. Based on regular satisfaction surveys, we also adapt the services of Prague’s BB Centrum to the needs of our tenants,” stated Vladimír Klouda, the Executive Director of the company. In addition to the company fulfilling its social responsibility policy, the employees themselves also participate in voluntary activities.


On Volunteer Day during the summer holidays, employees of PASSERINVEST GROUP visited the spaces of a senior citizen’s home in Chodov, where they sanded down and painted the garden furniture by the outdoor grill and the benches in the park and they also weeded the flowerbeds. Thus, they improved the home’s garden and made the clients’ stay there more pleasant. Another of PASSERINVEST GROUP’s long-term goals is to minimise the negative impact on the environment. On Wednesday, June 17th the employees spent the entire day in Nové Roztyly Park, cutting the tall grass and cleaning up garbage, for example. They also contributed to the transformation in the vicinity of the park into a more attractive and cleaner place, where the local inhabitants can relax and recharge their energy. At the turn of May and June, PASSERINVEST GROUP decided to hold a company collection for those who found themselves in a difficult situation or are looking for spiritual help and support. PASSERINVEST GROUP approached the Salvation Army with an offer of a financial donation and the employees of PASSERINVEST GROUP then voted on which of the three internal Salvation Army projects they wanted to support. The employees collected 23.5 thousand crowns, which the company doubled to 47 thousand crowns.