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Passerinvest Group, a.s. organises breakfast for the tenants of the newly reconstructed building Budova B

PASSERINVEST GROUP organises breakfast for the tenants of the newly reconstructed building Budova B

At the beginning of July, the investment and development company PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s. organised another of its breakfasts for its tenants. Thus it welcomed the first tenant of the newly-reconstructed building Budova B: NEWPS, a specialist and innovator in the areas of IT processes, digitalisation and secure access.

One morning at the beginning of July, a pleasant surprise awaited the employees working in the building  Budova B in Prague’s BB Centrum in the form of a breakfast package. It contained sweet and savoury pastries as well as a wish for a beautiful day from the owner and administrator of the building, PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s..

“”Breakfast for the tenants in BB Centrum has become a pleasant tradition that we hold regularly. We are glad that this time we managed to time the event so that we welcomed a brand new tenant, NEWPS, which occupied part of the space in the newly-reconstructed Building B at the end of June. We believe that such a small courtesy in the form of a breakfast package will make the employees’ day better and we are planning similar events in the future,” commented Kristýna Samková, the Marketing Manager of PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s..

The building  Budova B recently underwent complete reconstruction, thanks to which it once again ranks among category A office buildings. There is a new atrium with multiple entrances, equipped with benches, greenery and a water feature. The building got a new façade in earthy tones and all the technology was updated and provides a modern and comfortable working environment. Budova B offers a total of 15,600 m2 of office space on 8 storeys and 1240 m2 of retail space on the ground floor.