Our new offices in BB Centrum


The office spaces of Passerinvest Group, a leading Czech development and investment company, were considerably expanded and underwent complete reconstruction last year. Technology was installed in the meeting rooms making it possible to control the lighting in the rooms, the air temperature, the projection equipment and the reservation system, for example, over a mobile application. Soundproof telephone booths were installed in the office space, while areas for informal meetings, a kitchen and relaxation zones were built. The reception underwent a significant transformation – the reception desk is made of natural stone, the walls are lined by lacquered glass, known as “Lacobel”, on which an “internal mapping” projects is run. The author of the design of the office space is the architecture studio monom works s.r.o.

Passerinvest Group has its headquarters in the iconic building of the multifunctional BB Centrum complex, on the 17th floor of the Filadelfie building. The exclusive view and the open and airy space were some of the supporting points of the interior design, which should reflect the stability, openness, reliability and traditions of the company. The new design of the working spaces was created fully in accordance with the shape of the Filadelfie building, which has completely glass cladding and thus enables a panoramic view of the surroundings from every point.

The office section is equipped with completely new furnishings. The desks and chairs were selected with an emphasis on ergonomics (desks with adjustable heights, adjustable chairs, etc.). There are new relaxation zones for the company's employees, which are used for work and rest.

Technology in the "Future Office" style was installed in the meeting rooms. Using a mobile application, it is easy to control all the equipment in the meeting rooms, to communicate with the reception over the intercom and to fully cooperate with the calendar in the employees PC and email software.

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Marcela Štefcová
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About the company

PASSERINVEST GROUP, a. s., is a purely Czech development and investment company, whose name is primarily connected with the realisation of the multifunctional BB Centrum complex in Prague 4 - Michle. The company, established by Radim Passer in 1991, built a very good reputation both on a local and international level with this, the most successful and extensive project of its kind in Central Europe. This is not only to the credit of the quality of the realised projects and the high level of the provided services, but also due to the sense of fair play, an accommodating relationship with the buildings' tenants/users and responsibility to the society and the environment. PASSERINVEST GROUP also has other interesting development projects in its portfolio.

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