PASSERINVEST GROUP is an all-Czech investment and development company established by Radim Passer in 1991. It is associated in particular with a multipurpose complex known as BB Centrum in the Michle neighbourhood of Prague 4. With this complex, which is one of the largest and most successful Czech projects of its kind, the company has made its name both domestically and internationally. This is due to not only the quality of the developed projects and the high standard of services provided, but also its sense of fair play, a tenant/occupant–oriented approach and overall responsibility towards society and the environment.

PASSERINVEST GROUP is the third most admired company in the Czech Republic for the year 2019.

BB Centrum

BB Centrum, which is currently comprised of 17 architecturally attractive and user-friendly buildings, is a modern, ever-changing and growing city area. The beginnings of the complex date back to 1996, when the construction of the first building, Building C, commenced. Nevertheless, the preparations for BB Centrum began as early as in 1992. The BB Centrum complex, currently offering a rentable area of 250,000 square metres, provides approximately 15,000 vacancies.