Interlov Grounds

Property Description
The Interlov Grounds are located northwest of the Roztyly metro station and was originally used as a slaughterhouse for game animals.  During the 1970s, the property was affected by the construction of metro line C, the results of which are visible in the terrain to this day. The abandoned remains of the original buildings can still be seen.  As a result, the land is in a dismal state with all the encumbrances that must be removed.  The starting point is the preparation of a revitalization plan which is part of the proposal set forth below – the construction of a multifunction building and public park.

Project Description
A multi-functional building is planned for the northern end of the property, on the site of the existing Interlov Grounds – a typical brownfield site.  The planned multi-functional building will include office space, dining facilities, a nursery school and other complementary retail space. The six-floor building takes full advantage of the site, enabling the placement of much of the building’s bulk below the level of the surrounding terrain so as not to interfere with views of the Kunratice Forest or Pankrac in the distance.

A key component of the project is the transformation of unmanaged areas bordering Kunratice Forest into a public park. The land is currently difficult to access, primarily due to large numbers of overgrown trees. The revitalization program aims to integrate surface water areas, including Kunratice Stream, and existing woody areas and create a system of lakes, groves, avenues of trees, and grassy areas (flowering meadows, lawns). This intervention will create the ideal conditions for the emergence of a public park, enabling local residents to spend their free time in a cultivated natural environment.

The park will include leisure elements for all ages including benches, trash bins…the final appearance of the park will result from public discussions that should deal primarily with the nature and method of its use.